BCHR 6 Palcový Krátke Kučeravé Syntetické Blond Parochne Pre Čierne Ženy Afriky Účesy, Prirodzenú Čiernu Parochňu

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    Značka: BCHR Farba: Blond Black Názov Produktu:0115 Dĺžka: Približne 6 palcov Štýly: dámske Syntetické Parochne Spp veľkosť: O vyrazili 21,5"~22.5" obvod(to je nastaviteľná)

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      it's very nice is just the wrong color

      Lg 90 Lg


    • Cena

      This wig is very very curly, almost kinky. I hope I can straighten it out. I should have known how curly/ kinky it was as the title shows "for black women African Hairstyles". I have bought many wigs in the past where the picture shows a very curly wig & after I started brushing out the curls & styling it, the curl/kinky curls became a pretty loose curl. That is not happening with this wig. The curls are not straightening out. The quality is excellent & it is soft & very natural feeling/looking & the color is beautiful but it is not blonde. My monitor shows a brown/ reddish color but the actual color is more of a dark strawberry blonde/reddish color which I love. I won't ask to send it back because I will give it to my friend & I know she will love it. But before I do that I will continue to brush it to try to straighten out the curls. If anyone knows how I can straighten it out to be not so curly/ kinky, please see if you can reply to this review and let me know. Thanks.

      Ve Getta66


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